Asus p5ql pro desktop mbo+q9400 runs server 2008???

On much recommendations, I bought asus p5ql-pro desktop motherboard with intel p43 chipset. I am poor student, I already ordered this motherboard along with intel quad q9400 processor.I have not even receieved my mbo yet and now I have asus technical support information that Asus p5ql-pro motherboard will not support server 2008 to run.My friends have old asus motherboard,they have installed server 2008 and its running fine for home purpose labs.What do I do? Someone please guide whether this motherboard will support server 2008 for home labs purpaose?Also,I wanted to run hyper-v.I already have vt chip enable processor(q9400).

This is my worst experience in building pc,if this is true,asus motherboard are worst because what i heard is other peoples are running server 2008 on desktop motherboard.

Please help, I will have to suffer loss and ,need to return motherboard if its not supported and buy brand other than asus.
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  1. It will probably run server 2008 just fine. There may be some driver issues or something and ASUS is simply not supporting it for that because it's suppose to be a low end board. The P43 chipset is rather poor in overclocking and features compared to it's sibling the P45 board, but if you won't be overclocking it you should be fine. If you run into any stability issues you can always download SUSE or Debian and just setup Server 2008 as a virtual machine, so that way if the virtual machine crashes it's usually not a big deal as your underlying OS should be rock solid.
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