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I got this card to go over 900 mhz which is the limit by CCC, another option i heard is that you can flash the graphics card bios to asus settings which allow to go over 9000!!!mhz I mean 900 anyway :lol: . I don't know how to do that so I'm using the Amd overclocking tool. When you got over 900mhz but then CCC freaks out and will not let you do anything in it and resets the fan speed to auto, this is a pain when trying to stress test as it went over 90c at which i stopped it. So has anyone found a way to set the fan speed manually around this quirk. There was a way to manually set it with the 4850's back in the day before you could do it in CCC but I forgot how. Any in site will be appreciated :)
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  1. i think you can use riva but i suggest to get one of those PCI pluggable fans to cool down your card.
  2. msi afterburner you can increase fan speed if thats what your looking for.
  3. Use ATI Tray Tools, it has no limit to overclocking and you can manually set fan speeds, as well. It also has many more options than CCC does, including the ability to create profiles for certain games, and to run them triple buffered!
  4. MSI afterburner is the way to go for overclocking a 5 series card. its what i use.

    it has independ sliders for clockspeed, fan speed and voltage. and with an .ini tweak you can 'unlock' the OC tool and go well over 900mhz (i hit 1000/1300 with relative ease)
  5. ya wow I'm dumb didn't even notice that there was a fan speed knob or maybe it updated ahh idk but Msi After burner did the trick TY guys

    EDIT: for some reason i can switch the core clock or memory speeds in Msi Afterburner, thats why i used the AMD GPU clock tool, which resets the fan speed to auto then i used afterburner to bring the fan speed back up. This is quite complicated and i dont know why i can change it right from afterburner, is it a setting or something? everyone else seems to be able to do it alright.
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