Help with Asus U3S6 and SATA6Gb/s hdd

Hi, I have installed an 'ASUS U3S6' card to use with a '1TB WD SATA6Gb/s' hdd, (pc setup below), everything is installed and drivers are all current (i have tried the beta driver as well) I plugged in a usb2.0 flash drive in the usb3.0 ports and it works fine,

the hdd is showing up in 'Device Manager', under the 'Volumes' tab:
'Disk' reads 'Disk 2'
'Type' reads 'Unknown'
'Status' reads 'Not Initialized'
'Partition Style' reads 'Not Applicable'
'Capacity' reads 953870 MB
'Unallocated Space' reads 0 MB
'Reserved Space' reads 0 MB

but the drive isn't showing up anywhere else, any ideas?

Any help will be appreciated.

my system is:

Gigabyte EP45-UD3P
Intel Core 2 Duo E8500 - Xigmatech S1283 cpu cooler
2x2GB OCZ Reaper PC2-6400
ATI HD4850 1GB
2x80GB RAID0 - Windows 7 64bit installed
1x1TB WD - Storage
1x500GB External - Storage
1x1TB WD SATA6Gb/s through ASUS U3S6 - Storage
Antec 300 case
1x Viewsonic 19" VX924 Monitor
1x BenQ 22" E2200HD Monitor
Razer Lycosa Keyboard
Razer Mamba Mouse
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  1. I have just used the Western Digital Data LifeGuard diagnostics tool and it shows up and passes all tests, but i still can't use it, just doesn't come up anywhere else, am i missing something?
  2. DONE! I used Western Digital's Acronis True Image and now its all good, just had to create a partition, just never had to do that before.

    thanks anyway
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