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Hi, i have one quite old Western Digital Caviar Blue AAKS 320GB drive and i want to add another new one to make a RAID 0 array. this old drive has like 11000 hours of power up time under its belt and the new drive will be obviously brand new

should i not try this setup, should i have 2 brand new drives or should this be ok?
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  1. Well, what do you think? It will work fine. But the law of averages says that it will fail about 11,000 hours before the new one does. But you know what? I have drives that have been running for 10 years that still work fine, and I have drives less than 6 months old die without warning.
    So who can really say?
  2. well i trust this hard drive completely since its given me such good service over the years .. my plan is to have a Velociraptor as my boot drive and 2 320AAKS in RAID0 as my storage.... ive done HD tune tests and stuff on the old AAKS and everything is registering ok.... i think i wil write zeros to it before i set up the RAID array just to get everything back to factory....
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