How to Make UNIVERSAL Custom Windows 7 Bootable USB/ISO

Short version: I want to embed programs into Windows 7 installation

Long version: I have been looking all over forums for the past two days on how to make a custom boot USB or DVD that installs Windows 7 unattended that also installs programs that I want such as Office 2007, Photoshop. I understand that I can use RT Se7en Lite to make a custom booting Windows 7 DVD/USB that removes or adds windows features as well as updates and the service pack. I want to be able to have the bootable USB install my programs as well. I hate installing Windows then manually setting up every program, anti-virus, Google Chrome, uTorrent, etc.

This is different than making a specific computer image. I already have images of computers. I want a universal image that has the basic drivers and programs on it that I can install on multiple laptops/PC's if one crashes. Mainly Microsoft Office 2007, Avast anti-virus, malwarebytes, and the latest Windows updates.

What should I do?
I have WAIK etc..
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  1. Figured some of my question out.

    You can install programs but only if they are, "silent switch." This means the program will install without asking any questions.
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