Yet another new build!

Just to give you an idea of the piece of junk im on now:

Intel Pentium M 1.8Ghz

Good luck playing games with 504MB of ram eh?

Anyway so now im building a new computer obviously. The goal is to get the best bang for a reasonable buck. Some of the parts I chose to go for are the same thing from a more successful company for an extra couple bucks, to make the building easier and the computer last longer/require less maintenance since im almost completely new to computers (building them, not using them).

As for building ive got a friend who's built a few computers and a PC fundamentals teacher that agreed to help me out should I run into any problems.

Im trying to keep the price under $1000 with this one, any deals, links, tips, etc. are greatly appreciated, but I am mainly concerned about compatibility, power issues and other technical things that you pro's would know more than me about!

I wasnt planning on overclocking, but considering the CPU Im getting Im not at all opposed to it, I dont really have the money to drop on a cooler though.









Ive got a Windows XP and Drivers/Utilities CD from this laptop that I bought from dell so thats what Ill be using. On a side note, I was worried that the drivers/utilities CD (key word: utilities) would include all the useless junk dell had pre-installed on this computer. Is that at all true?
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  1. Hi, Welcome to the forum. Their is a few thing I would change such as the the motherboard get the Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3P mobo which you can also get with a 750W Rosewill PSU for under $200 for both which would save you alot of money for other components such as a HSF. I would also go for the HD4850 as it kicks the ass of your other choice aswel as others eg. 9800GTX .etc.

    Regarding the XP cd you have It shouldn't have any of the junk that dell bundles with their systems.





    PS. If you can buy two identicle Hard Drives and put them into a raid 0 strip
  2. E8400, Antec 900, HD 4850 is a good combo. Definitely don't pay $50 more for the 8800GTS G92, it's not even as fast as the HD 4850. That card should have been priced at $100 IMO, not $190.

    You are kidding me with the $23 DVD read-only drive, right? Spend $4 more and get a DVD burner.

    Get the $75 WD6400AAKS 640GB instead of a $55 250GB slower Seagate 7200.10.

    LOL at the Silencer 750W choice. Best PSU I can think of, but total overkill. The Earthwatts 500W is decent, but won't let you do Crossfire later. Get the $80 Corsair 650TX.

    Get this $110 GA-EP45-UD3P and forget those $200 motherboards. Your money is much better spent on GPU and CPU.

    This RAM is better and costs $7 less:

    Your total is now 170+110+140+27+75+80+110+38=750. Add a second HD 4850 to make it almost $890.

    Now if you are willing to spend up to $1000, and already have Windows, you can dump the E8400 and the GA-EP45-UD3P, the total becomes 890-170-110=610. Add this $400 combo P5Q Pro + Q9550. Total $1010.
  3. no, as i have a dell myself, they put a couple of things on their utility disk, but have like 9 discs that come with a comp so... most things are on their own. however, you wont be able to use the windows xp disk with it. legally.... dell gets oem edition os's meaning they can't and literally won't transfer to a new mobo. unless you call microsoft they'll tell you the software must stay on the dell as it was sold for the dell. however you are allowed to replace a motherboard in a Dell comp that's "failed". still have to call microsoft they'll issue a new key and you'll be on your merry way, never using your old dell mobo again. I've heard its also possible to use n-lite to make a new xp disc and there is a way to turn of that feature in the n-lite software, but dont know for sure.
    +1 on the saphire, but id change to an asus p5q deluxe if your going to spend 200 on a mobo.
  4. Thanks for all the help guys, this is what ive got now:

    Build 1.



    GPU- - or other HD 4850








    GPU-$159.99 - $20 rebate



    MoBo-$129.99 - $20 rebate

    RAM-$57.99 - $20 rebate

    PSU-$109.99 - 30$ rebate

    Total - $834.92
    Total After Rebates - $744.92

    I was also considering doing that MoBo/PSU combo-thing for under $200 but with that huge rebate on the raptor its really only a matter of $20 or so, and I cant really tell which of the two PSU's are better. This computer is for gaming btw, obviously.
  5. I would get a bigger HDD, like this one.
  6. You should write the names of the parts so we don't need to click 8 links just to see what you're talking about.

    It looks good.

    I cant really tell which of the two PSU's are better

    Between the Rosewill 750W and the Corsair 650TX?
    The Corsair 650TX is better. It is in fact one of the best PSUs made these days.

    Here's a list that may help. Rosewill is ranked 5th tier and "Corsair TX" 2nd tier.
    Keep in mind that "Corsair TX" means 650TX (made by Seasonic) and 750TX (made by CWT), and the 650TX is much better than the 750TX. That is, the 650TX should have been ranked tier 1 but the 750TX dragged it down in the list to tier 2.

    The Rosewill is more powerful (60A as opposed to 52A), but 52A is still plenty for your system even with two video cards.

    If you want a 750W PSU, get the GA-EP45-UD3P separately and this PC Power & Cooling Silencer 750W. Total $110+$100 instead of the $195 combo, but the quality difference between Rosewill and PC P&C PSUs is well worth the extra $15.
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