Quad vs Dual Core!!

I noticed some Dual Cores can outperform Quad Cores with lower clock speeds in games.

I was wondering how long do you believe it will be before the programmers of games really use Quad Core to it's full potential.

Will the next version of Windows (I think it's due out in 2010) alter directx so it's easier to utilise quad core processors or is it all down to the programmers and how they code games of the future?

It seems to make more financial sense to buy a high clock speed dual core and upgrade to a quad when they are properly utilised, which they aren't at present, at least not for gaming.

How long do you think it'll be before game playing owners of Quad Cores really get their value for money?
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  1. ugh here we go again...(use the search function...weve had about 10 of these in the past week..)

    At the same clock speed, the only reason duals would win at the same clock is if it was 45nm vs. 65nm. A Q9xx0 and E8x00 at the same speed would perform just about the same.
    No one has any clue as to what programmers plan to move quad. It can be next month, year or decade...

    Windows 7 says that it supposedly uses Quad cores better but no ones really sure.
    And yes it probably makes more financial sense...
  2. ^ exactly! Totally right. Clock for clock: A 65nm daul (E2xxx.E4xxx, and E6xxx series) will perform the same as a 65nm quad (Q6xxx series). A 45nm dual (5xxx,7xxx,8xxx series) will perform the same as a 45 quad (Q8xxx,Q9xxx, or a Phenom 2 which is similar). An i7 CPU will beat ANY dual or quadcore CPU on the market.

    If you are comparing a Q6600 vs a E8400 like many do then forget the Q6600 and look at either the Q8300 or the Phenom 2 920, because both will do much better than the Q6600.
  3. Thanks for the replies. :)
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