do i uninstall old drivers for new video card

my current card is a HD 3450..

i just purchased a ati 4850

Do i need to uninstall old drivers, if so what is the best why i cant find them under control panel uninstall programs section.

or caan i just install the new vid card ?

using vista 32 bit.

Thanks please reply fast!
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  1. you should update drivers when they come out anyway... try 8.11 drivers first, then 8.12... some people have been having issues with 8.12 though :??:
  2. maybe i was not clear. i am not sure wether or not i have to remove the drivers on my current card before i remove the old video card and install my new video card
  3. this may look unpatient but

    do i just remove my old gfx card and install my new one and vista will un install old ones etc?

    or does 3450 and 4850 run on same drivers?
  4. The 4000 series is on a different driver, you "should" uninstall the old ones as sometimes it can cause problems.
  5. and my other question on first post was whats the best way to do so????

    driver is not under remove programs under contrl panel
  6. You could use driver cleaner or Ccleaner.
  7. driver cleaner costs 10 bucsks...\\

    any one else
  8. well go to the installation directory and click in the uninstall icon. make it simple!! or by going to start and looking for it
  9. Haha sorry meant driver cleaner pro, it's free. So is Ccleaner..
  10. driversweeper? i use that. winly, add or remove programs doesnt completely remove the remnants of the drivers. driversweepr cleans it up in windows safe mode, then you can install the new drivers. this is usually the cause for lower fps in games when you install new drivers without using driversweeper
  11. When updating or installing new ATI drivers you are given the option to uninstall the old drivers. Do it.
  12. i needed to know this too, thanks.
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