Xps600 Upgrade to 260??

Hi, I have a Dell Xps 600 with a 8800 GTS 512 (Origionally came with two 6900 GS's in SLI but one of the SLI slots burnt out so I need to have one good card to get decent performance).

I want to upgrade to a Geforce 260 GTX

Is my power supply powerfully enough?

Does it have the proper connectors?

Is my Dual Core Pentium D 3.0 a bottleneck that is going to make me see neligible gains from this upgrade?

Thanks in advance, hope everyones doing well.
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  1. Quite a few people ran the 8800 GTS 640 in SLI with that psu, so it should handle a single GTX 260 without a fuss.
    The bottleneck from the PD 3.0 would be more of a concern to me, are you using a high res. monitor ?
  2. No still gaming at 1280x1024 on my 19inch, I tried hooking my computer up to my 42" 1080p tv once and the performance was laughable, so Ill probably just keep the 19 inch unless I ever get a new rig. I dont mind the processor being somewhat of a bottleneck, right now I know the card isnt running to hot, im literally playing every game on low settings and only gettin like 30 fps even to be able to have some of the special features on would be great even if it dosnt increase my raw fps by mountains. Im just sick of games lookin like ass, If I cant get fps to be at least 60 then ill turn everything down to make it close.

    Id just hate to not have the psu connectors to look up the card, I guess ill have to not be lazy open up and see if they are there, I appreciate the advice and as long as I can hook it up will probably give the card a shot, newegg has a cool return policy anyways so if things didnt work out its not neccesarily the end of the world.
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