i scanned my system with hwinfo32 and in the smbios dmi category under processor it shows current clock:2933 mhz and maximum clock supported:3800 mhz. i have intel pentium 4 , Motherboard Model: ASUS Goldfish2

Motherboard Chipset: Intel 915GV (Grantsdale-GV) ICH6
plz tell me how can i overclock to acheieve maximum clock speed and is it safe??
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  1. "...maximum clock supported:3800 mhz..."

    The program is telling you that you could install an Intel Pentium 4 3.800Mhz in your motherboard. It's not telling you that your cpu could reach 3800Mhz.
  2. but can i overclock and what would be a safe max clock, and thanks for clearing the earlier doubt.
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