8.12 ATI Driver issue

Hi, i have a 4870 1gb graphics card, and with the latest 8.12 driver i seem to be having weird sort of bugs/glitches where it appears that the screen sometimes tries to adjust itself or it's almost as if it's losing connection (sort of like part of a video trying to catch-up with the rest of the movement - normally occurs at the top of the screen).
I have ensured that the cables are on, and i've pushed the fan to 27% however, this doesn't seem to have an effect on the graphics card (so i assume it's not a connection/heat problem).

So far i've only experienced it on WoW, as it's the only thing i've been playing since the new drivers - i'll have to check at a more resonable time on whether it happens with other games.
This mostly occurs while tabbing between warcraft and internet explorer, however if i mash on buttons alot then it normally happens then too.

And yes, i did uninstall, restart my computer then install the new driver.

Other Computer Information:

32bit XP Home.
3.16 core 2 duo
700W PSU
2x1GB OCZ platinum, 800Mhz ddr2 RAM (Not dual channel due to either ram or motherboard not accepting it - won't even POST - bloke who put my computer together didn't tell me until after i tried to dual channel it :/ )
X48-DS4 Gigabyte motherboard
250Gb 7200rpm HDD
1280x1024 resolution @ 60Mhz - I believe the monitor is 7~ years old, not too sure.

Is there any known cause to this and anyway how to resolve the issue?
Or does anyone else have this issue?
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  1. Well, I'd try going back to 8.11 and see if the problem persists.
  2. EXT64 said:
    Well, I'd try going back to 8.11 and see if the problem persists.

    Yeah... i'll try that at a more reasonable time (2:15am here... woo)
    I'd automatically assume the answer to if 8.11 works, stick with it, however if that doesn't "fix" the problem what else?
    Live with it until either a hotfix or another major update? :/
  3. well look on the bright side it has an auto fix w/o rebooting
  4. Okay, i uninstalled 8.12, rebooted, installed the CCC and then the driver, restarted...
    Clicked on my username.... when everything had finished loading, i heard my GPU start to go really fast, i immediately thought it was the fan... low and behold, the fan was stuck on 50% without me touching anything... straight away knocked it down to 32%... was that booting at 50% an indication of an error? :/ can't remember it happening last time...
    Eitherway, i'll keep this topic updated if any more glitches appear, or if there's a lack of them :)
  5. (Installed 8.11 on the system)
  6. Hmm... weird graphic jump/bug thing again :/
  7. To be honest, i'm really starting to think that it's my monitor - as when i attempt to record these bugs it doesn't display them, so the things happening with the monitor would be the only thing which wouldn't show on the recording... anyone got anything to say? :/
  8. Okay... i've been doing some more "extensive" testing, and it appears that Windows Media Player seems to be causing the problems, it appears that only MP4's/AVI's (video files) cause the problem, however mainly whenever it changes song (with it on the taskbar like a normal program and with the special WMP player option so u can play/pause/skip etc) - this then brings me to what would cause this issue? - i installed new microsoft patches and the 8.12 drivers on the same day, so could the microsoft updates have caused an issue?
  9. I don't find any problem with v8.12.
    There seem to have performance boost on games like 'Crysis'..
  10. Hi.
    I have a 3870x2 card (not HD version)
    I had a simular glitch on v8.11 driver.. only happened once.. then i installed v8.12 and now it happens all the time.. is this a bad driver to use with this x2 card?
  11. just like to add that this issue only happens when i play wow or computer goes into hybinate state..
    have not tryed to go further back then 8.11 driver and a 8-4 Guru3D driver.. but diden`t change much.. :o
    Still get the crashes.
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