Is Crossfire something for me?

I'm building a new computer and the only thing left I need is a new video card. I just got a e8500 with 4 gig ram. I'm looking at the HD 4870 1 gig or the Nvidia 260GTX+. I always had Nvidia but with my new P45 crossfire will be an option for me. I just want to play the new Call Of Duty game and whatever else may come out in the future. Should I go with a Radeon card so I can use crossfire in the future? Will crossfire even be a benefit for me? Otherwise I can get the Nvidia card for $40 cheaper as I won't have to pay any shipping or tax.....
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  1. The call of duty engine is optimized for nvida cards and i recommend insted of going with xfire getting a 260gtx+ now and upgrading it when you need insted of getting a 4870 and when it becomes opsolite adding another opsolite card. if you want to use xfire get 2 ati cards now if not get the cheaper nvida card with better proformance
  2. Thanks....... :)
  3. I would have to say the 4870 would be a good card and just upgrade to a better card when the time comes. I dont really see any need for SLI or Cross-fire yet.
  4. ^+1, but get the 1Gb version if your monitor is over 16x10 resolution.
  5. Call of Duty isn't so hard on graphics cards that you should base any decision around it. An HD 4850 is plenty for COD4. Though I'd probably go with 2 HD 4850's or one HD 4870.
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