I'm jumping in, My first attempt at a build, Please Help

I've been using a notebook for 2.5 years and am going to try a new desktop build towards the first of the year. I'd really enjoy some input from you guys with experience, feel free to rail me. I'm looking for right at about $1100.

Apevia Cruiser Case

Evga 750i Mobo FTW Edition

Intel C2D e8500 Wolfdale @ 3.16 Ghz (Will attempt overclock to ~4.3 Ghz
Artic Freezer 7

Evga GTX 260 896mb GPU
(Will SLI down the road, hence the large Power Supply)

4 GB DDR2 1066 Mhz RAM (Higher speed to give me more overhead for overclocking)

500gb Seagate Barracuda 7,200 rpm HD
Old 120GB HD for Windows Files/Boot (Or is it better to keep all this on the main drive?)

Rosewill 950 W Power Supply 80AMPs total on 4 +12V Rails
PC Power & Cooling 750 W Power Supply with 60AMPS on single +12V Rail

2 x DVD/RW

Onboard 7.1 Sound

Vista 64bit Home Premium

Thanks for looking guys. I appreciate it.

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  1. This might be wrong but, the motherboard you picked out doesn't support an FSB higher than 1333. Since the E8500 comes with a stock FSB of 1333, you won't be able to OC it very well. This also means that there is no point in buying ram faster than DDR2-667 or maybe DDR2-800 (800 for some extra head room). I'm probably wrong...
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