Sun Ultra 24 - Trouble after BIOS update 1.50 Please help

Updated my BIOS from 1.10 to 1.50 using the window utility. After I restarted I have not been able to get back into windows.

Everytime I reboot I get the following:

CMOS Checksum Cleared
Press F2 to run Setup
Press F1 to load values and continue

pressing F1 tries to boot from the CD-ROM and then DISK 1 (no partition)
pressing F2 loads the bios setup which looks fine but when i specify the BIOS to boot DISK 2 (Bootable XP) it does not save my settings and tries to boot from DISK 1 instead.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated as I am dead in the water and desperately trying to figure this out. The motherboard appears to be from AMI: serial 3K01HQ

The only bios .ROM I can find is through and not
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  1. I figured it out. I downloaded an obscure flash application into a boot floppy and flashed to a previous bios version. solved.
  2. We use a lot of these at work running Win XP. Had the same problem and couldn't move forward on the BIOS updates, until we realized that verion 1.5 and 1.53 change the SATA from IDE-Compatible to SATA-AHCI. As soon as you upgrade the BIOS hit F2 on the reboot and make sure to keep your original SATA device settings under "Installed Devices".

    Otherwise if you choose to upgrade to Windows 7 as I did, then first change it to SATA-RAID (which is recommended by Intel) and includes the AHCI extensions that the supported Operating Systems like Win 7 can take advantage of. If you try to switch the SATA type once an OS is installed, be prepared for a lot of Error 7B, can't boot, etc.
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