Picked out parts for a new rig. Do they work together?

So my cousin helped me build a computer a few years ago for my highschool graduation present. I watched how to assemble parts and remember most of it and I don't mind reading manuals. So none of the actual assembly is really an issue for me.

The problem is that my cousin picked out all the parts for me and never really explained much. So its about 3-4 years down the road and i need a new motherboard and processor because as I burned them out. I also need a new graphics card. So I've been online for a couple hours searching for best parts and looking up guides to figure out what is what and why I would want certain things and this is what I've come up with:



Graphics Card

Basically I was hoping someone who is more experienced in these matters could tell me if this makes sense. I'm pretty sure the rest of my computers parts will work with these, i might need a new power supply. Thanks in advance if someone can critique this.
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  1. That's a good start. Make sure to use the combo through Newegg for the motherboard and CPU to save $30. You're also going to need new RAM. Your current rig is most likely just DDR and the new motherboard will require DDR2. You also didn't post the PSU from your current rig, but I would guess it'll need upgraded also.

    You're really just looking at a new build. That motherboard only supports a total of 2 IDE devices. If the HD(s) and optical drive(s) in you current rig are IDE, that may also pose a problem.

    You'll probably want to post the complete specs of your current rig if you have them so we can help you decide what to upgrade.
  2. The 4850 is a good graphics card , but that model might not be the best choice .

    Palit and Sapphire and maybe others make 4850's with larger coolers that will run quieter at much lower temperatures .

    And as shortstuff said you will need RAM . If you are running XP then a dual channel 2 gig kit should be fine .
  3. After looking at my ram they're both 1gb sticks of ddr1 so I'll need to get new ram. I was looking at
    http://www.newegg.com/product/product.aspx?Item=N82E16820231065 for new ram, but these
    http://www.newegg.com/product/product.aspx?Item=N82E16820609026 also caught my attention. My old sticks were Gskill and they never failed me. I heard there were a few better kinds out there, but everyone seemed to say they were a bit more pricey without much more punch.

    My case is

    My psu is
    Its 700watt.

    My mother board is

    My sound card is

    I don't think my disk drive or hard drive need changing.

    EDIT: I should have clarified, starting from my case down, those are all my old parts.
  4. Wait, did you all of the sudden switch to an AMD build? That motherboard you linked to above is AMD board (plus its deactivated). With the Asus P5Q, you really don't need a sound card unless you desperately needed optical.

    I found this Ram deal a while ago and couldn't pass it up:


    $5 shipping, total after rebates comes to $30. Keep in mind though you will have to run 64 bit vista to unlock all 4 gbs of it.
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