Partitioning Disks (What's the risk?)

Okay, so I have a computer with 200gb HD with win2000 for work purposes. The problem is that the computer cannot connect to game servers due to that something is disabling the port, so I want to install Win7 on a new partiton by removing 60gb from win2000. I don't want to lose anything because that the files within win2k is very important. Right now im using EASEUS Disk Manager to edit my HD.

Whats the risk? And i have also tried on 1 other seperate PC and it worked like a charm.
THe thing that scares me the most is that win2k woot boot after installing win7 on a seperate partition.

Oh yea and one more thing, i have already moved 20gb from win2k into an unallocated space. should i continue or stop?
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  1. The risk is you can lose your existing data. I've never had that happen. I execute one operation at a time; I don't try to execute multiple options, even though Easeus, Partition Magic, and Partition Wizard allow it.

    You need to have 60+ GB free on the original HDD to make a 2nd partition for Win7; no files.
    Limit your partitions on one HDD to two, if you want to boot two OSes. Often the OS cannot boot from a third or fourth partition.

    Using your partitioning software, create the new partition and make it Primary, NOT Logical. After the operation is complete, use the partitioning software to set it to Active before you try to load Win7.

    Now load Win7 to the second partition.
  2. I have 60gb free HDD in fact i have 100gb free. I defragmented my hard drive and plan to unallocate space again. Thing im scared the most is that win2k wont boot if i install win7 on a different partition, because it did happen to my other computer.

    But will it be able for me to not able to start win2k after i installed win7?

    And thanks for the quick reply, i plan to install win7 this week, only thing holding me back is this
  3. If Win7 doesn't give you the option to boot to win2k or Win7, download and install EasyBCD into Win7 to setup the OS boot order. It will let you choose the default OS, but give you time to choose after POST.
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