Accurate temp monitoring with i7

I have used core temp and tat in the past. I just completed a new i7 setup and would like suggestions on what to use to measure/monitor cpu temps.
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  1. Well, decided to experiment with Speed fan. I sure hope the program is accurate. I am seeing core temps ranging from 8-11c. My QX6700 ran at 40-50c. What a difference. Can't wait to overclock this cpu. It's a 930 btw.
  2. Coretemp doesnt work anymore?

    SpeedFan and RealTemp are other favourites.
  3. Not sure. Will try that next. I just tried one called Real Temp and getting the following:


    I am testing in this in my shop with a current ambient temp of 50F, so I'm sure that's helping. :)
  4. that seems accurate i have heard of ppl getting 100c full load temp and they are idle at 60c
  5. RealTemp is what I use. It seems accurate.
  6. Okay, so now that I have moved my rig into my office with an ambient temp of 60F, the idle temp is now 35F or so. Is this a decent temp to start with before I overclock an i7 920?
  7. I'm assuming you mean 35*C unless you are using phase change, but regardless, either is probably okay to start overclocking idles are high at 38-45, but I haven't tried overclocking stock speeds my load temps are falling between 60-65, and those are fine...

    Start overclocking slowly, of course, and prepare yourself to up your speeds in small increments, running burn tests...your temps are fine to start with, a little higher than what others seem to have, but still safe...
  8. I have heard the phrase, "burn test" but can you tell me exactly what that is? My plan was to use 3dmark before I begin OC'ing to get a baseline and then rerun in after I can get a stable OC to see what kind of performance increase I can achieve.
  9. Just an update to temps before I start OC. Using real temp, they are:

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