did i install my gfx card wrong. =[

well, i just purchased a 4850.
as i install, i was a bit confused on which what connector to use. previous cards i have installed never required a 6 pin connector so this was my first time. Anyways, there was a wire coming out of the power supply, and i asked my self, how am i gonna plug that in to the 6 pin connnector on the card, which obviously wouldnt fit because they were diff. sizes. i then saw an adapter in gfx box that connected the wire from the PSU which changed it to a 6 pin connector. I then realise i see an actual 6 pin connector hidden in the case, ( dell xps 420 seem to have everything setup wierd). Anyways, i find that and decide to use that instead. I took a look in the manual and the pin i used shows that it has 3 of : +12 VB DC and 3 of : COM

hopefully this is the right connector, i dont want my brand new computer to fry.. i dunnno if im paranoid but i think i feel a slight burning smell, lol but i dont know. My comp is louder as well.. probably the new card.

so any one can please let me knwo if i did this right, kind of worried atm.
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  1. If your worried about it, just plug the adapter that came with the card into a spare molex 4 pin connector and use that instead, that way you can be sure. But it probably is louder with the fan and all. Sometimes the electronics will burn in a little, so you may smell that a little.
  2. well since the 6 pin from the PSU is in that should be fine right? games are running fine but i just installed it today so who knows ... or should i just go with the molex 4 pin?
  3. err if theres a 6 pin from the PSU and hte PSU has enough juice... wats the problem? am i missing something?
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