Which Graphics Card Setup? Advice Please

Hi guys

I recently bought a Gigabyte EP45-DS4P


I've been trying to find what graphics solution to go with:

HD 4850 (MSI)
HD 4850 CrossFire (MSI)
HD 4870 (Palit)
HD 4870 CrossFire (Palit)

1st Question
Should I go with Crossfire? With the new drivers is there much of a performance boost. My motherboard goes at x8 speed with crossfire, but is it really 16x speed because the x8 runs at pci-e 2.0? In general is Crossfire with two of those 4870's on my motherboard going to be any good? Or just a waste of money and performance.

2nd Question
What the hell is the 4x pci-e slot on my motherboard for? Does this act as another GPU slot?

3rd and Last Question
On the graphs for Q3 of the graphics card benchmarks, I compared the 4850 CF and 4870 CF to a 9600GT Sli. I was surprised when I saw that the 9600GT's beat both the 4850 CF and 4870 CF in FPS on some games. Is this due to crappy ATI drivers in Q3 or just because some of those games are more biased towards Nvidia.

I know my questions are long but any help is appreciated. Thanks = ]
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  1. 1 instade of going 4870 crossfire consider getting a 4870x2 it will give u proformance boost in all game where crossfire might not and might even give y decreased proformance

    2 it is for future pcie expansion cards i think you can use it for a card but it will be slow and not advised

    3 thats because some games are optimized for nvida while some are optimized for ati if the games you play are optimized for nivdia consider getting a nvidia card and yes future driver may change this but its even some games lean one way others the other way

    hope this helps
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