Memory mishap

I recently purchased 1gb A-data ddr2 ram module to add to my pc which already had two modules of trancend ddr2 800..the problem is when i connected the a data module i started getting lot of BSODS and my computer crashed lot of times. I guessed it was software problem and re formated it still the problem remained till i removed the a data module. What can i do to solve this incompatibility?

My system specs
phenom 9650
2gb ddr2 800
350+160 Gb hdd
Ati 4850
creative xtreme audio
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  1. What happens when you test with memtest?
  2. Try relaxing the memory timing and raising the RAM voltage .1 or .2 volts. If that doesn't work, I guess you are stuck with 2 GB of RAM.

    Maybe you can find some more of the Transcend RAM.
  3. memory timing in the sense, the ddr2 speed? or the separate times..if i set everything to auto..the system sets it at ddr2 667mhz single channel
  4. memtest does not work in x64
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