How much would you pay for this system?

Approximately how much do you fellas think this system is worth? I want to offer $250-300...fair price?

-400 watt power supply (Dynex)
-160GB June2007 Hitachi
- 2GB of DDR2 ram memory 800mhz
- Gigabyte Ga-M57sli-s4 Motherboard Sli Capable 7.1 high definition audio
- Amd Athlon(tm)64 x2 Dual Core Processor 5600+ 2.80GHz
- WinFast PX8600 GT TDH HDMI 256mb DDR3
- Lightscibe Dvd Multirecorder Rewritable ultra speed
-Rosewill case
-Vista Ultimate

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  1. $150-$200
  2. I'd say if it cosmetically looks nice $200. If it looks beaten, $150. Used PC parts just don't rack in much dough. I think it depends on who you sell it to. If it is an IT person they will probably pay less. If you know somone looking for a cheap deal then you can probably get $250 or so. Vista Ultimate isn't cheap, but then again if it's OEM you are stick with it on that machine.
  3. not alot
  4. Jeez FAST responses!!! Thanks a million fellas!
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