What happened to all of the brainiacs in glasses of the 1980's ??

remember the 1980's when the guys and girls in glasses where some kind of scientist?
the girls would be actively searching for a college student brainiac .. and the guys, well i have no idea what they were looking for.

i was born in 1982.. therefore i was young during the 80's and didnt really get a chance to explore all of the people.
there were girls in sweaters and glasses.. i remember that.
but i didnt see any boy brainiacs in glasses.
there wasnt much about scientists and psychologists getting their degree in college.
it didnt matter what the person was going to college for.. if they were attending, they were celebrating a better future for that person.

thats about all i remember from the 1980's 'science fair' craze.
i guess i got most of if from television.
but you cant say that the videos from the 1980's werent documenting something and teaching other people.
in school there were videos from the 70's and they all had that same annoying character.
the videos from the 80's were a bit different.. people were talking to the camera as if you were a buddy in the lab learning what your friend has been up to.
the 90's made a move to televisions in the class room.
i dunno what came of 2000
but i remember mr. wizard's world.. and all of the silence and whispering.
quite the same thing for most videos of the 1980's

anyways.. all of this came about because i seen a commercial on television talking about 'what happened to all the good looking guys with glasses'
and when they said 'good looking' i thought of the boys and girls in glasses from the 1980's who were involved in the technological revolution.

i would say this post is meaningless.. except for the fact that people dont seem to care as much anymore.
and i find it all a bit funny because 'reality' in the 80's was people who didnt seem to care anymore.
although 'hollywood' would have you believe something very different.

now.. 'hollywood' doesnt seem to care about much .. and in 'reality' there are people turning philosophical over night :bounce:
people are reading politics and getting involed like they were in the 80's .. except the 30 and 40 year old generation has learned from their parents that things havent been right for a long time and the kids are willing to stick their foot in the door and dish out ultimatums.
however, i dont see the same care and willingness to get involved with peoples personal or family life like they did in the 80's
i remember a lake of people who would be willing to solve a problem .. and now people are walking around keeping an eye on their escape route in case a problem arises.

its like hollywood said people in the 80's were selfish..going to college.. and sharing what they learned with people.
now hollywood is saying people are selfish and all bottled up.. trying to avoid eachother.
i believe reality was the same for both situations.
back then people would share what they learned.. now people are trying to avoid eachother.
didnt we just go through the 1990's where it didnt matter what nationality a person is.. they could be accepted.

what happened?!
did we hang out with people of different nationality and get ourselves hurt?
i seen all the hurt happen from family members and parents.. having nothing to do with other nationalities.

looks like a solid chance to bring up a subject for comedy.. however, none of the comedians are bringing up the topic.. only taking the opportunity and going with it.

eh.. i suppose i didnt say much.
but kids wearing glasses in college was totally filling the airwaves of television.
now its a bunch of old farts in their 40's shooting guns and blowing stuff up.
maybe its all because i caught the tail of the ending to everybody celebrating going to the moon.. then baked in all of the technology innovations that we needed to be thankful for that are here on earth.
i think the economy quit talking about all of it and has sat down on their couch and let salemen try to demonstrate some of the products.

why have we walked out of the science lab?
have we really begun getting so close to secrets that we can look no longer?
maybe those people in the lab are slow and the economy isnt showing us the fun of human evolution.
or maybe they think we got a small glimpse of it in movies and everybody should be going to college for it if they want to see more.
quite frankly.. i am beginning to forget that the other stuff still exists.
we didnt celebrate long enough before we started to purchase all the stuff.
and really the new stuff isnt all that impressive.
wireless connection has taken the award and made all things that use the technology seem logical.
you can build an electronic toy under a microscope to make things smaller and smaller.. okay i get it already.
i also get that people cant use CAD to keep a product from breaking.
and the electrical components being used are the biggest determining factor of when things break.
just how long are they gonna keep shoving electronics that break down our throats?
people who want to appreciate nature are having a tough time.
the economy is gay with trying to sell something and there isnt the same emotional shoulder that we used to have.
now the businesses are playing professional having no idea how detailed and uninformed their leaders are.
they have words to be used in court that less than 1% of the population knows about.
they are trying to be 'classy' and raise their verbal pride to seperate themselves from everybody else.. and the only time they talk so that everybody can comprehend is when they are trying to sell us something.

no wonder hollywood went from buddies in college to people running for their lives.
it doesnt matter if the people are running with their legs or with their mouth.. either way its selfish and there is no pride from the past.
the only time we get pride from the past is when hollywood decides to make a science fiction movie and there has been obvious action taken place to build all of the future citys and spaceships.
makes me wonder how people are still able to communicate and get along with eachother.
if you have ever been in an arguement with somebody.. they dont use words you dont know at the beginning, they tell you that there is a policy or law that cannot be changed (implying that the power of the people has been revoked)
and then when you start attacking that policy, they throw as many statistics and words you dont know at you until you are forced to take some time off and process the new absurdity.
usually then you are punished for needing to take some time to yourself.

i still havent said much.
where are all of these brainiacs when it comes time to save the day?
that is the thought that crossed my mind and made me want to post something.
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  1. get help, please for the sake of everyone else and yourself. Learn the difference between reality and videos. All the brainiacs are the ones not working in the fast food stores. Just because you don't understand some of the words doesn't make the argument wrong.
  2. I was going to say for the sake of everyone else and yourself, re-write that post when your sober. I'm not sure there were three coherent consecutive sentences in that post at all.
  3. theres no sense talking to somebody if they dont comprehend what you are saying.

    sometimes i get along better/faster with people using the energy that radiates from the body.

    anyways.. welcome to my ignore list.
    you wont be insulting me anymore.

    there would be no 'learn the difference between reality and videos' if i had not listed those differences myself.

    i did get help.. and i hope you hear from a moderator soon.

    besides.. you implied that i only visit fast food stores, which is why i dont know where those brainiacs went.
  4. 4745454b said:
    I was going to say for the sake of everyone else and yourself, re-write that post when your sober. I'm not sure there were three coherent consecutive sentences in that post at all.

    seeing what little i had to start the post in the first place, i didnt promote what i wrote as fantastic.
    i just flipped whatever i had upside down.
  5. anwaypasible said:

    besides.. you implied that i only visit fast food stores, which is why i dont know where those brainiacs went.

    Nope didn't imply that, that'd be your fevered imagining, i'm all out of troll food.
  6. i cant make the assessment without your including of an equation.
    you didnt show the decency needed to finalize your intentions to be able to say your implications.

    you need to clean yourself from the rudeness instead of arguing with people.
    i am hardly here for replies.. and what little replies i seek, i wont tolerate your forcing us both to be subjected to an inferior lifestyle.

    if tomshardware had the ability to put you on ignore, i would have already used it.
    you had the option to transfer an emotion.. and you already made a choice.
    i wont allow you to be ugly and continue to fight/argue with me as you try to fix a problem you created.

    one out of four sentences were on topic.
    you are not welcome in my threads.


    i mean you have violated the following rules:
    hate speech
  7. I am impressed with how high you are. Good work.
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