Do i need to take all this math and physics??

hey there everybody,so pretty much i decided i wanted to get into the IT or tech business,i love computers and fixing and learning about them as much as possible. so i decided to major in computer science,im taking math right now and i have to go all the way up to calculus 5 with a bunch of hard physics classes to transfer from a JC. Alot of the people in my classes however are not,majority are going for some type of associates or certification program and then getting into the market,for instance im in a comptia A+ class and a general programming class,my JC offers a lot of associates degrees and certification for computer stuff, so my question is could i go that route aswell? i would like to because it would save me a hell of alot of time,plus im not to crazy for math and physics, i was thinking of getting my associates in programming,pass the comptia A+ exams and even get my CCNA,would i have a good chance in getting a job??

-thanks for all the replies,appreciate it
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  1. oh and they also offer web developer and programmer degrees at my school,if thats any good
  2. haha oh and on another note one of my teachers told me it is very useful to have a business degree when trying to find a job in the field,so could i opt for a business degree for my ba and get the computer certificates to get a job?
  3. Maths and Science is soon to become essential for the IT area, however some of the best things you can get rather than the A+ is an equivilent Level3 NVQ, as worse as it seems most employers will understand that the A+ is almost as easy to pass as learning to ride a bike, whereas diplomas and NVQ's show a bit more determination.

    Also try to do some computer work for friends/families and audit the information and how you carried out the jobs, employers are interested to see that you have an interest in IT beyond the money and before securing employment in it.
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