Any way to designate a certain network card for a certain program? OR.

Hey this is Off-Topic, but I thought it'd be the best place to ask, since this IS an internet/router forum.

I have about 3 internet jacks near me, and a lot of wifi connections each are capped at 220 Kb/s.

Can I do either of these?

1.) Is there any way to combine the internet from each one? So for example, if i combine a wifi together with a wall socket, I get around 400 Kb/s?

2.) IS there any way/program I can get to make a certain application use a certain network connection? So for one program, I can downloading using my Wifi, and another program use my ethernet internet?
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  1. No...

    There are routers which you can buy that will sorta "Merge" two internet connections.

    The 'problem' is that a single connection from your computer to another can happen across only one connection at a time. So if you're downloading a large file, for example, it will download at the speed of only one of your connections. You won't be able to combine the bandwidth for these types of downloads.

    However you will be able to use the separate internet line for other things.

    Simply put: No, not unless you're willing to spend money.
  2. I'm willing to spend the money. It seems like a worthy investment for me.

    So from how you're describing... If I have two SEPERATE programs/downloads running, each one can run concurrent with each other on a seperate internet connection, each one using its own connection, right?

    And the only way to do this is with a specific router, correct?
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