How to remove "Best Malware Protection" virus?

Has anybody had to deal with the "Best Malware Protection" virus? Got any good tips? I've run Malwarebytes and SuperAntiSpyware so far and currently running Spybot Search and Destroy. The guide I read said to do Hitman Pro 3.5 next. Anything else?
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  1. The best tip I can give you is never load any free software (claims it will fix, repair, clean, speed up computer) into your computer, it just causes problems.
    Keep all free offers and downloads OUT of your system, without exception.

    Now is the time to back up your personal files onto a DVD, thumb drive, etc...
    Reformat the drive, reload a fresh install of OS,
    Then install a professional all in one anti virus (not a free one), reload your files from the above backup.

    If you cannot backup your files, install the bad hard drive as a second drive on a working computer.
    You can then usually drag your files off the damaged drive, and make a backup.

    Or have a computer shop do any of the above for you...
  2. I forgot to mention...

    I am working on my friend's PC and I do not have (and can't get) an install disk to do a fresh copy.

    Is there a guide anywhere about making a backup?

    Mostly I just wanted to make sure that Spybot and Hitman Pro were OK to DL and use...and if any others are recommended. I'm planning to put Avira and Comodo on after I'm done scanning in safe mose with networking.
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    Looks like some nasty stuff, better ask in here
  4. The more free security downloads you install, the more problems you will have.

    You are working on a computer, and don't know how to make a backup?

    No you cannot copy the OS. You need a fresh install disk. You won't make much progress until you wipe the drive and start over.
  5. Ya, making backups is one thing I have never dealt with yet.
  6. backup of file? or backup of operating system?
    You need to back up your files! Get a thumb drive, plug it into the USB
    Open "my documents" open the thumb drive, drag the files out of my documents, and drop them into the thumb drive.
    now repeat the same for "my pictures" and "my videos" and whatever other personal files (such as music)

    After you back up your files, you can repair or reload the operating system, it fixes just about any operational problem....

    If you do not know how to backup a file, you might want a computer tech or shop to do it for you.
    In any case at that level of experience, you might want to get an experienced person to help you in person.
  7. Well, that doesn't sound too least the pics and docs parts.

    I was talking more about the "Solve PC issues: Set up backup". I need a 2nd drive or to partition my current drive for that don't I?

    Also, it feels like you're talking down to me. I'm not here asking questions on a computer forum because I DON'T want to learn about computers and DO want to pay a bunch of money to take it in to a shop.

    Whatever inexperience I have doing any of this stuff...well, I'm hear to learn and get that experience.
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  9. open "my documents" open your thumb drive
    drag the files from my documents into the thumb drive, using the mouse...
    practice doing this until you have succeeded in copying files into the thumb drive.

    you will get the hang of it, just practice until it is working.
    now do the same for all of your, videos.
  10. soundguruman said:
    The more free security downloads you install, the more problems you will have.

    This is true to a point.
    Do NOT download and install any programs based on pop-ups or ads you see while surfing.

    There are many legitimate and effective tools that ARE free. A few examples for antivirus; Avast, AVG, Microsoft Security Essentials. For antmalware; Malwarebytes, SuperAntiSpyware, and again Microsoft Security Essentials.

    Many of these have paid versions, and for many people that is a good way to go.

    Just be sure when you get programs like this, get them from reputable sites that check their downloads for malware e.g., tucows, majorgeeks.
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