Performance Tab missing in my NVidia Control Panel

I just purchased an xps 630i.

Inside I have a 650i SLI mobo. In my Nvidia control panel I'm missing the performance section where I can overclock and change the color of the Case LED'S. I have updated to the latest drivers on the NVidia site and still no tab for it.

I know I should have it as a friend of mine has the identical computer and has the performance tab in his control panel.

Any help?


(Excuse the grammar pls :p)
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  1. You need to download and install ntune from nvidia to get that. Heres the link-
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  2. +1 ntune
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  3. ty all :)
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  4. i installed ntune and i have a menu option in my start menu for performance nvidia corporation but this doesn't open up or work, i still cannot control fans or overclock my dual 570s....
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  5. i know this topic is hella old, but thank you:) you still managed to save me 2 hours of bing'ing....
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  6. i know this topic is hella old, but im sure you meant googl'ing
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