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I just setup a new machine and set up a raid 10 with Win 7. Loaded the drivers via USB.

All I see in one drive when I look at the drive. The Intel Matrix Storage manager says all 4 drives are there but I only see the striped "C:" drive.

How can I check that my raid is working correctly?
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    The whole purpose of RAID is to take a bunch of disks and put them together into a "virtual RAID volume" that looks like a single disk to the operating system. For example, in a simple two-drive RAID 1 configuration the operating system sees only a single "virtual" disk, but every time it writes to that disk the RAID subsystem takes that one write request and sends it to BOTH physical disks so that the data is mirrored on both drives.

    As long as the RAID configuration software says that the drives are part of the RAID volume and are all "OK", then everything is working just fine.
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