Cant format usb drive

I have a 4GB usb flash drive manufactured by Duracell.I first downloaded some software thru windows XP-no problem.I then used it on a Linux OS and when I could not delete some files tried to format it.Thats where I ran into a problem;it will not format.Please help.
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  1. Try this program from Its a great program I use all the time to manage disks.

    Have you using windows Disk Management?
  2. Sounds like the drive may have been encypted in nix* as well as hidden, I would put it back in nix* just to double check to see if the partition manager will pick it up and reformat it from there, you could try Parted Magic. Once that is complete, reformat it to a FAT32, so both OS's can pick it up. Depending on the type of file system it was created with, windows will not pick it up if its not fat, fat32 or ntfs.
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