Who makes the best SLC SSD Drive - Bang for your Buck!

What company makes the best "Bang for your Buck" SLC and MLC SSD Hard Drive.
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  1. AFAIK, there are only a few manufactures making SLC drives. Intel "E" version uses SLC. Don't know any one else who uses SLC.

    As for Bang For Buck, this will probably be Intel or OCZ.
  2. SuperTalent has some affordable SLC devices, but low performance.

    The newer Intel X25-E series coming in Q4 2010 will have MLC NAND, just like its X25-M brother. So SLC is dying out, it seems.
  3. SLC is just not cost effective for the consumer market place right now, and probably never will be because the manufacturers have plunged into MLC in a big way, had they done so with SLC then the chips would have come down in price, but initially they would (as we see with the Intel E range) - have been excessively expensive and they want profit,in order to get that, you have to shift them, and too high a starting price = no sales.... but i think we are all agreed, MLC is the poor relation !
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