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Got some questions before i dive into overclocking my xfx 5850 BE. Not happy with the frames i'm getting so i want to boost it. What is safe/good full load temps. Right now i'm sitting at 68 it seems at full load. want to know how high can get safely in overclocking. Also whats the max voltage i would want to do on this card. Any feedback settings etc. will be greatly appreciated
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  1. ATI rates that card up to 110c i believe. Of course i would never let it get that high, but 80-85 should be good. You would be border lining to hot though.;)

    Hope that helps!
  2. Keeping it up to 85-90C at full load is fine. Graphic cards can take a beating when it comes to temps and keep running. Over 100C is dangerously high.

    Overshocked's recommendation is sound, 80-85 is good.
  3. Thanks for the answers. Question would be how much should i go up in voltage per test? and what should i be looking for when i do increase clock etc.
  4. I overclock my 5850s - I left the fan on manual 30%, clocks are currently 850/1200 and at around 95C I could watch the card self throttle - the clocks and voltage would drop, it cycled back and forth between full speed and slow speed and it did exactly what we expect from it. So it looks like 95C is it for the two reference style cards I have. Of course if I set the fan to 75% its fine as we do not hit 95C.

    I flashed my 5850's with a 5870 bios so I could run those higher voltages and clocks, but still get the card to drop back when in 2d mode.
    When I run this with clocks at 900/1200 with fans at 75%, I will average around 78-82C. I could go higher, but not a lot without better cooling.

    I have tried multiple 5870 bios' that have different voltages, but in the end the issue is the 5850 cannot deal with the 5870 levels of heat. I ended up dropping back to a fairly normal 5870 bios to keep the heat down and still run 875/1200. The 5850 will clock up with fairly low voltage level increases.

    The 5850 does not have the same cooling or VR's as the 5870 so it has a harder time dealing with the heat.

    And Im sure different version of 5850's and cards will do different things - but this was my experience.
  5. Ok i took the plunge and started out at voltage1.174 currently at 908 core and 1200mhz memory. Is this sounding decent? I ran the heavenmark benchmark to watched for artifacts ran smooth. Got a 4-5 fps increase not sure if i should be getting more. Will post screens. Want to get everyones feedback thanks.
  6. If you gave us some system specs we'd have a much better idea of your system, and what it should be scoring.
  7. ati phenom II x4 965 125w at 3.8ghz
    xfx ati 5850 at 908core 1200 memory.
    crucial ddr3 1300 at 9-9-9-24
    msi 790fx.
  8. I have the XFX 5850 BE, voltage is 1.174
    Core is 910 Men is 1250
    Fan set at 40%
    at full load not over 63 C

    ATI came out with a new driver 10.3
    It can up the FPS 6% alone.
  9. yah so we have like the same overclock. Good. My temps get to about 67 though. going to be running this all the time. Want to see if i can get to 1ghz core.
  10. overclocked to 1ghz and 1250 memory. When i'm overclocking the gpu what stuff should i be looking for to make sure its running good. I furmark'd it for 30 minutes. No problems and heat was at 68 degrees.

    Seems to easy...got to be something i'm missing. lol
  11. Ok ive come across a weird problem. I have three settings in msi. one for stock. one for 908/1200 at 1.175. If i try to increase from there. at like 1.2 Its 1000 mhz stable in furmark, heaven, games etc. BUT NOT STABLE in OCCT at 1280x1028 8 shader. OCCT seems to eat this card alive. THe temps go WAY high.

    Is this a problem with the program or does this REALLy test the card?
  12. Sounds like the temp are getting to high, I had trouble with OCCT running.
    Benchmark with Unigine @ 1920X1080, the CPU OC is with tubo-mode on, so it is 3633 Mhz, this program did not see tubo-mode :-(

    ryman546 looks like you may be there, but now you see how easy this is. LOL

  13. Well I raise the voltage to 1.200, and was able to go 950/1250, I think I'll stop here

  14. In heaven it gives me a extra 3 frames when going to 1000. Just wondering if being furmark/game/operating/and 3dmark stable is enough.

    Again OCCT is like a graphics killer. 2 minutes on any setting and the temps go up to 80+

    furmark never breaks 64

    What programs are you using to test stability?
  15. I use FurMark, 3dmark, and the game.
    I have not been able to get OCCT to work.
    In Bad Company 2 I can alt & Tab check MSI afterburner and it will not be over 63 C.
  16. yah same here. I decided to forget 1k mark. Even though i did hit it and was stable at i think 1.225. Instead just doing the original overclock u posted. 910/1250 at 1.175. Frame difference was minimal with crysis benchmark. Heaven was a 1k = 30.6 score vs a 910 =28.8 score.

    plus its OCCT stable for like 5 minutes *max ill do since the gpu goes up to 90+ in this program*

    I did a user defined auto setting for the fan. at 70 degrees it will jump to 50% and steadily climb after that.
  17. Well I just want to throw in my 2 cents....

    Its not really the core temp that is an issue as much as the VDDC Phase (VRMS) they need to stay cool or else you could really damage your card. I would just keep them under 85 as well as your core and you should be fine...

    My OC is 1.25 V and 1 ghz on the core...still playing with the memory but it looks like 1200mhz is good to go
  18. waynewarrior78 said:
    Well I just want to throw in my 2 cents....

    Its not really the core temp that is an issue as much as the VDDC Phase (VRMS) they need to stay cool or else you could really damage your card. I would just keep them under 85 as well as your core and you should be fine...

    My OC is 1.25 V and 1 ghz on the core...still playing with the memory but it looks like 1200mhz is good to go

    You are right, I have set the fan 30% and at 50 deg C the fan goes to 40 %
    Then at 60 deg C the fan ramps up to 80% and it will not go over 69 deg C from there with the GPU running 100%
    Running Furmark or Kombustor (Made by Furmark)
  19. Hmm I'm wondering why I can't get my mem speeds as high. I have a Sapphire 5850, right now I'm OCed to 975/1200 and it's very stable at 1.25V. In Kombustor it gets up to about 77/78C, but gaming not over about 65C.

    I've tried 1000 gpu core speed but it crashed after about 3 mins, I've tried up to 1220 mem speed fairly stable, but it doesn't last long at 1230+. It's not a temp issue as it's almost never gone above 80C, and I've had the voltage as high as 1.3V but still getting stability issues with those higher clocks. I'm pretty happy as it is, but it's wierd that I can't get as high of clocks as other people.
  20. Your temp's are higher than mine. If your using MSI afterburner you can set the fan to run higher at difference temp's

    At full GPU load I will not go over 69 deg C.

    I stopped at 950 core, because 2 fps was not worth going up to 1000 core.

    I have my fan set at 68 deg C to run at 70%, this keeps it cool.

    GPU and Ram, are all difference, so you can go higher on some, and some you can not.

    I have not been able to OC my CPU as other people. But I am happy with the I7 920 @ 3633 mhz. on air. The setting are lite.
    BLK 173, tubo on, speed step on. I like the way the CPU drops back into the 2's GHZ range when the power is not needed.
    but 3633 when its needed.

    The same with the fan on the video card, at 20 deg C to 40 deg C the fans runs 20 to 30 %
    from 40 to 68 Deg C the fan will ramp from 30% to 70%.

    The only thing slow on my set up, is hard drives. I can change that with money.. No raid set up at this time. Maybe later
  21. Well with a bit more playing around (and I reseated the card, I think it wasn't quite in all the way) I have it stable at 985/1230. I tried 185/1240 but got some artifacting after about 2 mins in Kombustor. The 985/1230 OC tho was stable for about 4+ mins before I stopped it, at 1.225V and it maxed out about 77-78C. I'm not gaining any FPS at this point so I figure it's pretty much max for my card. I mainly just want to make sure it's powerful enough to be stable without frame dips when gaming, and so far it seems to be the case playing Crysis. Gaming temps are around 65C. I'm impressed with the 1ghz/1250 OCs, my card just can't handle that high. 1ghz with lower mem or 1250 and lower gpu cause issues either artifacts or crash, regardless of how high I put the voltage (tried up to 1.35V). Ah well!

    BTW is there any reason to test with different programs? Kombustor is basically FurMark (powered by it), only it's compatible with MSI Afterburner. Sounds like OCCT (which is what?) has some issues but that Unigine looks interesting.

    Also, have any of you guys changed your PCI voltage thing in the BIOS? My default was 800mV so I upped it to 1000mV hoping to increase stability. Not sure but I think it helped a little. Or how about the PCIe frequency? I've read it's always recommended to keep at 100mhz, I tried 120 once but my PC wouldn't boot lol so I don't want to fool with it but has anyone done that? It's all very interesting.
  22. There is a new Unigine (2.0).

    I like using OCCT's Error check function (finds the artifacts for you).

    I am a bit confused at why the Furmark temps are so far below OCCT. For my card, both are close and high. What settings are you using in OCCT and Furmark?

    Also, Ram chips vary. I've seen them top out between 1200 and 1300.
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