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My brother has a 7600 GT for about 2 year now.It didin't give him much trouble except now.The 7600 now heats up pretty quickly and the games,which used to run quite well,now start to run in slow-mo.Also after running for about 20-30 mins the fan of gpu stops suddenly and doesn't start until system is restrated.The GPU is getting heated up pretty quickly now.He has a 350W power supply with Inel C2D and @ GB RAM.
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  1. have you tried cleaning the card ? Dust will cause it to heat up and spot the fan cooling properly. It does sound like you either need a new fan or card though. The slow mo thing is probably the memory over heating.

  2. He has cleaned the card.The memory is a new Kingston 2GB DDR-II (800).So basically its his card blowing up?
  3. Assuming it is a basic reference design with the centrifugal fan and cowling, simply blowing the fan out does not clean the heat sink, and if you smoke, as I do, it is a billion times worse.

    I would bet if you pulled that card out, and took that cowling off, you would see a dust clogged nightmare, and worship that little card in awe for lasting as long as it did.
  4. Thanks wrecks for reply.Can you please tell me how to take off the cowling because i have never opened my card either so don't have a clue about these things.
  5. Um i was talking about the memory on the Graphics card, not the system memory. As far as taking the card apart i think it would be easier if you googled a guide from the internet. Its not that i dont want to help its just that by the time i had typed it all out you would have read the online guide and taken the card apart cleaned it and put it back together again :)

  6. Thanks mactronix for the advice.I'm thankful that you are helping me.
  7. The only one I ever took apart was baked dead, so I just smashed it apart to have a look. I would guess either hook tabs or screws from the back. Sorry I can't be of more help.
  8. Computer/electronics stores sell cans of `compressed air` which are supposed to be quite good, just squirt it into the heatsink AGAINST THE NORMAL AIRFLOW DIRECTION I.E. into the exhaust.
    Just do n`t do it indoors. Or towards your/someone elses face. Or against the wind.
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