I5 750 with P55A-UD3 and Corsair H50

So early this morning (around 3 AM or so) I was feeling brave and decided to overclock my i5 750. I got the thing running and stable to 4 Ghz (not impressive, I know.) and I was running within intel spec voltages (I was stable at 1.35V) and I had swapped the fans in my case with some thermaltake 1225A (78CFM) in a push/pull config using the rear fan as an air intake. In other words, standard fare.

I was kind of happy with this setup. I was idling around 38C which I thought was good. But as soon as I launched P95 max heat things looked grim. I was hitting 78C within 10 minutes (But stable). But to me I would feel very worry some running anything that warm 24/7. I know the temps would probably never really creep up that high but I don't want to chance it.

After that (and about 2 more hours of testing and changing voltages to see what the absolute minimum I could get away with was) I succumbed to my need for sleep. But before I did I took out my high velocity fans (I think some call them Thunder or Typhoon's) and swapped in my stock corsair fan, and reset my bios to factory stock. The only option I did not leave stock was I disabled CPU fan speed control. I don't mind it running 100% since it's quiet (at least compared to my 4890!)

So my question would be were my temps at overclock looking acceptable? I know this is a pretty substantial OC and I should expect a good deal of heat off of this thing. But with my fans and setup I don't think my H50 is good enough for the task.

I was amazed however to run stable at such a high OC and still be within Intel's tolerances. That, to me, is outright amazing.

If anyone else has this combination (cooler, cpu, mobo) I would appreciate feedback and advice to get this thing to 4 GHZ and keep it somewhere in the mid 60's are far as temp is concerned. That may not be possible, but at least it's a goal, right?

At the moment I am running P95 Max heat and coming up with 55C at stock speeds and tubo on. Is that OK? For the record I have a HAF 922 case and an extra Antec tri-cool cooling the video card (mounted on the side panel, lower 120MM location).
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  1. Those temps are high. You need to stay under 70c. At stock I idle at 24c with full load at 41c. OC @ 3.5 + turbo idle 33 with load 52c 1.28v. Are you sure you tightened the base screws down all the way to ensure good contact with the CPU ? . Also , did you use the stock compound on the H50 ? I cleaned it off and used a small amount of AS5 and saw my temps drop 5 degrees vs. prior. Are you sure both fans on the rad are sucking in ?

    The airflow in my case ( Antec 900 ) is pretty much the same as the 932 so something is not definitely not right. Your temps are too high. I would check all fan orientation and reinstall the cooler. Also check the compound. Mine was so thick from the manf. it looked it was slapped on with a putty knife and left alone.

    You are correct in stating that this chip is amazing. It truly is. You just need to get your temps under control before you try for 4.0. The H50 is sufficient for overclocking this chip.

    fyi 4.0 on mine requires 1.39v so you being stable at 1.35 is just wow.
  2. Honestly, under a Prime load of 78, you're fine just how you are. You will never see any other load like Prime can make (unless you run another similar stress program :p)

    The thermal paste premounted on the H50 is a special Shin-Etsu paste. Does better than AS5 and Ceramique, plus it has NO curing time, to boot, so I'd leave it be.

    roush2fast, you've got to remember that as soon as you start adding voltage, temperatures rise significantly. In bringing my Xeon up to 3.6GHz (where I first needed a voltage bump to 1.2v), my temps rose almost 15C at the same frequency.
    Since the i5 doesn't have Hyperthreading, though, it should run somewhere around 5-10C cooler than an i7 at the same frequency and voltage.

    Those Thunderblades should really do the trick in push/pull, though. That's what I have on my H50 as the intake in my case, does phenomenally better than the stock fan and another 54CFM fan did.

    Also, remember that the liquid inside will take longer to cool down than air coolers would, so after you've been running Prime, best to let it sit for a bit then turn it off to let it cool down before taking more numbers.
  3. I am running AS5 as my TIM of choice. That Shin-Etsu stuff was OK but I figured since I was going to do the OC, I would do it with parts/paste I know and trust. So that went bye bye after the first install. I got my temps to about 72-73 stable at 4 Ghz with those Thunderblades in my configuration I was running (intake through the rear) but I just underwent a process of removing the top fan (I think its 200MM) on my HAF 922 and mounting it on the side and putting 2 lower velocity fans on top of the case. One pushing air onto the radiator, the other just blowing cool air into the case. The little heatsinks on my mosfets prevent me from using push pull in the manner. And my memory sticks prevent me from using push/pull because of the height of the fan itself.

    So I did get the temps under control. But I decided to re-work the fans because I know I was getting warm air from my video card (a 4890) and it was being sucked in through the "intake" method I was using. So no real gain. But now everything (as far as speed is concerned) is back to stock. I figure it runs OK for now and I KNOW my chip can do what I will ask of it eventually.

    Thanks for the replies.
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