Cheap shuttle (up/down grade) with external power supply

Hello all! I have to use a small form factor computer to fit it in my dorm, so my antec p180 isn't going to do.
I plan to buy a Shuttle SD30G2 Plus

but it won't be able to power my e6600 and 8800 gt with just 250 watts.

But i have a 700w Gamexstream... so I'm going to use it as an external ps.

The ps has an on/off switch so I can do without a switch.

I'll use a 12v wire extender and put it through the second expansion slot in the back of the case (will a 12v cable fit through?).

Any problems with this?

Thank you
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  1. I'd consider a little bit different case if I were you. Not sure what your limitations are, but here is one that should have no problem fitting your current PSU. It'll be a little tight, but should work just fine. I read that someone used the Corsair 620hx PSU and that is a pretty standard sized PSU.
    SILVERSTONE Sugo SG01B-F Black Aluminum / Steel MicroATX Desktop SFF Chassis Computer Case - Retail
    Another case to consider form Silverstone.
    Another option to consider. Has 500w PSU, but I'd rather you put in your GameExtreme in it. Might be tight by the optical drive, so I'd consider just using 1 optical with this case.
  2. Thank you! I just took a look at those.
    I'm trying to keep the price at a bare minimum, so can you guys suggest a cheap microATX board that allows decent OC'ing and at least 1 pci-express 16x?
    I have a spare Corsair 620hx PSU lying around btw :pt1cable:
    I only need one optical drive anyways so that's not a problem.
  3. Oh snap... I forgot... I might not have the stock intel cooler... :o I only have a tuniq tower.
  4. I'm deciding the GIGABYTE GA-G31M-ES2L should be my motherboard.

    I'm planning on getting a logitech g5 mouse ($40). Is there any other suggestions for something slightly cheaper?
  5. That should be a good mobo for your needs.
  6. buy a cheap cooler no micro atx will fit a tuniq they truly are monstrous (and effective)
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