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Hello, I was awaiting an important delivery from UPS, and due to some unfortunate timing recieved the UPS (virus) email ! I stupidly opened it and downloaded the file (Doh!), and was infected big time...After doing a scan for viruses and spyware my security placed the virus in quarentine, However, I am not convinced that I have caught all of it as I can not access my control panel, start in safe mode or open any downloaded files (that can assist me with this problem )I am very naive when it comes down to computer 'know how', and would appreciate any help that is offered. Thankyou. :(
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  1. Sorry to hear that.

    You could try this:
    .. but if you cannot run anything then that won't work :(

    Do you have your XP CD ?
    If yes then try doing a repair:

    Good luck !
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