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Hello guys/girls, I'm trying to build a machine for the first time and looking at which parts to buy. I think I've got everything but am sitting on the fence as to wether or not to buy a graphics card. I don't plan on playing any games and main use will be just surfing watching videos/tv (got ubs tv tuner already). Finally, my question is: my mobo comes with dvi port and ATI Radeon HD 2100 intergrated, will i need to buy a low end GPU or will I be ok with this? Any help will be appreciated.
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  1. full specs, please
  2. If you've already bought the mobo, even for no games you'd probably be better served by a low-end GPU like a HD3650. I'm not sure what video processing a 2100 can offload, if any. What mobo is this?
    If you have not already bought the mobo, an AMD 780G or 790G board (HD3200 or HD3300 integrated graphics) would be better.
  3. The site on new egg just says ATI Radeon HD 2100 for onboard video. The other stuff is: cpu 2.9 Ghz dual core, 4 GB, 250 GB HDD, 22 inch acer 2500:1 5ms.
  4. OK, thanks for the advice I will research it. And no i havent bought the mobo yet.
  5. here's the mobo:Foxconn A74MX-K AM2+/AM2 AMD 740G Micro ATX AMD Motherboard
  6. Ok then. Get a 780G. It has DVI and HDMI outputs, and does enough of the video processing that even a single-core CPU can output smooth video.

    (I'd still get a dual-core though, definitely).
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