buy 2 4870 or wait for 5 series??

hi, i just saw that the spahire 4870 1gb toxic edition that i have is now on sale at newegg for $225, thats almost $100 less than what i paid for mine. should i get another one or save the money and get a 5 series when they come out? i only play @1680x1050 but everything excluding crysis is at ultra settings but im one of those guys that loves to have the best of the best. so im askin for your opinnions. thanks
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  1. It seems to me then, that you're going to buy one (or two) 5-series cards anyway, so waiting makes more sense.
  2. If you want more performance now, get the 4870 and Crossfire the cards. If you don't need the performance, then don't. As for the 5xxx series, no one really knows when they will come out or what their performance will be. They surely will be better than the 4xxx series, but a single may not be as good as two 4870s. Then again, if you just have to have the best of the best, do as jtt said and wait for the 5xxx series cards. Better yet, wait for the 6xxx series cards. But as noted in the monthly video reviews, it generally doesn't make sense to upgrade unless the new card is at least two steps better than the old card. No wait, you want the best of the best. Keep waiting
  3. Forgo the second 4870 and buy a monitor for 1920*1200. The 4870 1GB you have should handle almost every at full res and most eye candy turned up. Then when the 5 series comes out grab one. Crossfire @ 1680 is a waste in my opinion.
  4. I'd get the card now and run xfire. The next gen cards will probably be much better, but until we get processors to push them to their limits, what's the sense ? 2012 will be here soon enough...... lol
  5. You have n`t given us the rest of your spec.
    I for one would suggest the bigger monitor option, you`d be surprised what a difference those extra inches makes!;)
    If you do get the second HD4870, I doubt you`ll need the next generation anyway, you should be looking at the one after (6XXX series?), after all even my middle-of-the-road rig can play Crysis at 19x12 well enough for a 47 year old (me).
  6. coozie7 said:
    after all even my middle-of-the-road rig can play Crysis at 19x12 well enough for a 47 year old (me).

    Youngster. Wait until you get up to my age, 57. Then you'll need all the detail you can get just so your eyes can see what's on the screen.
  7. you two guys really need to get lives...
  8. sailer said:
    Youngster. Wait until you get up to my age, 57. Then you'll need all the detail you can get just so your eyes can see what's on the screen.

    I'm somewhere in between you guys. I went from a 19" crt to a 22" wide screen. Now I'm looking at a 40" HD tv just so I can see
  9. Quote:
    WITH NVIDIA'S GTX 295 announcement just around the corner, the satanic rumourmill - as Nick fondly puts it - is in overdrive once again, fuelled by leaked specs and a vivid imagination, it seems.

    What are we talking about? Well, several Chinese forums were a-buzz today with talk of a RV775XT and RV775Pro, alleged derivatives of the current RV770 marchitecture with some odd bits and pieces of additional tech - smaller dies on the same process without a re-design, for example. This included a return to GDDR4, die sizes mysteriously shrinking on a 55nm process, and some extra stream processors and TMUs.

    The most interesting part of the posts was the one about DAAMIT having refined the fabbing process resulting in better yields that would allow it to put out parts with lower redundancy, that is, less silicon set aside for the eventuality of a manufacturing defect. This would mean some serious cherry-picking taking place and a limited supply of cards, at best, not to mention the economics of the thing...

    We rang up ATI's Chris Hook about this and he clarified several points about those specifications. The general consensus is that someone compiled fragments of possible products and put them in a nice looking table. While, in good PR fashion, not admitting or denying anything we threw at him, he did help us figure out what's wrong with the info.

    ATI won't be launching anything in January, that's more or less guaranteed. A refresh to the current range of cards will be launched over the course of 1H-09, but not as early as January (CeBIT sounds like as good a time as any). That will include a delayed RV740 derivative and a suped-up RV770, which should receive the HD 49xx moniker. GDDR3 and GDDR5 will remain the memory bits and pieces, but ATI has dropped GDDR4 for good... too expensive and too much like GDDR5, said the Cap'n. Now the juicy bit is that AMD has narrowed down the 40nm parts launch to the first half of 2009 too, so between the derivatives and the shrinks there will be plenty of options on the market in 2009.

    Last, but certainly not least, the 58xx series cards will be reserved for Q4 2009 and will pair up with Microsoft's DirectX 11 launch. So fanbois and fangoils, you'll have to wait a while.

    There was more but we were sworn to secrecy, under penalty of death by Sasquatch buggery. We'll keep it to ourselves.

    some info for you
  10. Man you guys are worse than me. I'm going to be 28 this year. And my wife used to get aggravated with b/c I play my games. But I still enjoy it.
  11. wow, thats a lot of responces. well im only 18 and i ahve been looking at a bigger monitor. but if the 5 series comes out in a year i guess il just have to wait for them. i went to dx 10 once it came out and i have been looking at dx 11. so thank you everyone!
  12. @sailer;)
    @Omg_1ts_m3:) !
    @Swifty_Morgan :)
  13. Get 2 4800 series card or wait for the 5800 series cards? One thing I have learned about building a PC is that you can always be waiting for the "new and better performing" components. But either way im just gonna say that I would reccomend a 4870 to anyone who is in the market for a new GPU.
  14. Am I the only one who thinks CrossFire @ 1680 is stupid? Someone back me up. HD 4870 is capable of 1920x1200 @ 0x AA in most games.
  15. Yeah I agree that cross-fire is over kill.
  16. Overkill ??

    What is overkill in 3D games ?? :lol: nothing is, if u have the €\$ just buy it, u can never wait cause there will be a Game u cant run @ high spec, even with the 4870 x1\crossfirex...

    U´ll see ;)
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