Is my Hard rive okay?

recently my computer has been acting up


Intel celeron tualtin 1.2 ghz
40 gb HDD maxtor
512 megs SDRAM
250 watt PSU

lately it has been acting up, random shut downs and corrupt files all over the place, i tried to run a HDD error check but it gets to the screen every time and says that CHKDisk failed Windows couldn't open the file or something.

i at first was pretty sure my PSU was kicking the bucket but now i think it may be my HDD as well

i ran HD tune pro and got these results


Uploaded with

and then today

Uploaded with

i don't understand the huge dip, i didn't have any thing running either time

and these are errors

Uploaded with

Uploaded with

so my question, is my HDD dying?
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  1. Well, I assume given the error code that you checked your cable. Given the system's age I suspect that the drive is failing. New drives are fairly inexpensive, I recommend you get a 500GB drive and save your data.
    I would back up your important files and prepare to move to a new drive for your windows installation.
  2. If your mobo doesn't support SATA, I would buy an inexpensive ATA drive, prolly a 160GB or in that range.
  3. well it is ultraDMA so maybe PATA

    but i don't think it is worth it to invest on this comp, it is 9 years old
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