8800Gs vs 9600Gt

i decided to buy the 8800gs and my borther has a 9600gt and we both have almost the same fps on almost all games he beats me on some games by a little but not a lot and i haven't even over clocked my 8800gs yet but his gt is stock also but the point was that he got his for about 119$ and mine was 50$ from craigslist

so i just wanted to say that if u can get a gs get it its almost the same as gt, the gt mmight be eitzy bitzy better
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  1. The difference shows best with AA enabled
  2. Believe it or not, when I read reviews as I was looking at those cards, the 8800gs overclocked seemed to edge out the 9600gt part of the time. Good find for 50 bucks.
  3. 8800GS=exact same as 9600GSO. clearly, the GT beats it in the naming scheme of things. It all depends on your CPU, monitor res, amount of RAM etc etc
  4. Depends on res. Depends on game. Depends on rest of system. Depends on AA. Depends on the cards clocks (there has been massive variation in clock speeds, memory types, memory amounts, and even amounts of steam processors on the 8800GS and 9600GT in particular.

    A reference 9600GT is almost ALWAYS better then a reference 8800GS/9600GSO at mid level resolutions and 2-4xAA.
  5. The point is, with an identical system except for the graphics card, the 9600GT will win over hte 9600GSO in EVERY CASE.

    its the classic tennis ball test: if you drop a ball from 1 metre, then THROW a ball with a red dot from 1 metre, does that prove the red dotted ball is better? NO! the variables must be the same with a SINGLE constant, or as few as you can manage.

    in the OP's case, his computer probably had a slightly slower cpu, less RAM, a different RES... the possibilities are endless. to get an accurate representation of one thing vs another, there must be no variables except the ones being tested.

    end of rant.
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