Corsair 750TX Upside-Down in NZXT Tempest

Is it a pain to mount this thing upside down? Was thinkin I might go for this one since it's a little quieter than the PC&C Silencer, but if it's going to be a bear to get in the case I'd rather not. Anyone know?
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  1. Installing a Corsair 750 watt power supply should not be a problem. I have a Corsair psu mounted in the bottom rear of my pc case. I have not experienced any problems of any kind.

    I took a look at photos of the Temptest. I don't see any problem installing a Corsair psu in the bottom rear of the unit. ATX power supplies pretty much come in standard sizes to fit ATX cases. The high powered psu's may be a little longer from front to back. That is to be expected.
  2. You can mount it either way assuming the case allows it. Just make sure that the fan can pull air in.
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