Image distortion on lcd monitor

Hi, I seem to be having some issues with my monitor/graphics card. Basically anything on the screen projects a 'trail' to the right of it on top of everything else. They are basically horizontal lines that project to the right from anything that is on the screen, particularly white colours. I don't think it is a problem with the monitor (a 22" belinea widescreen) because I use it with my xbox 360 and the image is fine. I am running the following setup:

Powercolour HD4870 1GB
C2D E8200
Asus P5Q Pro
4GB OCZ DDR2 6400
Vista 64 bit SP1
Latest drivers straight off the ATI/AMD website

Any help is much appreciated.
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  1. Maybe the actual video connector on the card? Try using the other one.
  2. Turns out it was a loose connector.

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