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Hi everyone, I built my own computer, and am experiencing really loud buzzing noises coming from it. It is continuous, from the moment i hit the power, to the moment it turns off. While it was on, i went in and put my finger in each of the fans to see if it was them making the noise, but they were all silent. What I'm thinking, is it's the power supply fan or just the power supply making all the noise. Is that a possibility? Any remedies? If not, what power supplies that are over 550 watts are silent? And, are power supplies standardized? Thanks: )
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  1. I had a buzzing sound from my previous PSU. RMA'ed it. Probably a capacitor. What is the brand of your PSU?
    Another incident that I had was OCing - the Mosfet was screaming as I've push the voltage up.
  2. I had a buzzing sound once... was my FDD.

    What are your system specs? how many variables are we dealing with here?
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