DVD/CDR drive read write problems ?

When I play an audio CD (commercial CD's and home made CDR's) I get an audio drop-out at the same place every time, not a glitch, but an actual mute in the audio ? Very strange. Also, when I burn CDR's I'm getting error reports, I'm guessing the drive must be on the way out ? if so, what would people recommend ? LG, or Pioneer ? the two most available brands locally, this is mainly for high quality audio Cd burning, not DVD.

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  1. LiteOn and Samsung have bee my choices but since they all are pretty much the same, look for a good sale price at a place like newegg.

    What do your error reports say?
  2. I've had good luck with LG drives. The ones that I have will read discs that my other drives won't. The only drives that I've really had problems with, are Pioneer.

    For the most part, they are all very similar. As DogSnake mentioned, try to find one on sale.
  3. Hi, thanks for your replies, I had narrowed it down to this...


    As a few people on my music forum have recommended Pioneer, I thought this would be OK ? I wonder just how different these drives are in reality ?

    When I burn a CD with my music application (Samplitude) it checks the CD after burning, and its been coming up with a lot of errors lately, doesn't say what they are though ? The most annoying thing is this audio drop out, I just have to try a new drive, it wont break the bank. The drive that's in there right now is three years old, but it hasn't had a lot of use really.
  4. Do you really want an IDE drive? If you have an available SATA port, you could get a SATA drive.
  5. Hi, I've been told that there are no real advantages about using SATA over IDE ? SATA is believed to be quicker, but DVD drives aren't capable of using this extra speed. The cables are smaller, that's the only advantage I can see. Seeing as I already have an IDE connection in there I may as well stick with it.
  6. Ok, just checking.

    I find it nice, not to have to deal with cable position and jumpers as well. The cable is smaller, and can help with airflow. But you're right, there isn't a whole lot of difference.
  7. Well, I've bought a Lite-On bog-standard IDE drive (£17.99 inc p+p from Amazon) My music pal's have all said that drives with things like Light Scribe or similar are prone to problems with some brands of Cd, I never use this anyway, so, we shall see !

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