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Hello,my computer doesn't recognize me as administrator
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  1. You need to use the administrative password to add your own account as an administrator. Catch 22!
    If you can't find that, you can always reload or repair install the operating system, and make yourself master of the machine.
    However before you try anything, backup all your files to a DVD or thumb drive, etc...
    you can try taking the battery out and reset the CMOS, don't know if that trick works for you, but it may clear the passwords...
    when the log on appears, just hit enter instead of entering a password.
  2. horseman said:
    Hello,my computer doesn't recognize me as administrator

    Don't listen to the rodent.

    Read all that I told someone else with a problem of not having Administrator rights in their own computer by clicking

    Also, XP doesn't give a rats-ass what the CMOS password is. If your CMOS has a password, you'll never get to the point of starting Windows in the first place.
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