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I have a HP tx1000z with a password on the BIOS. Recently, I am unable to boot the laptop. Since I do not receive the password request, I know that the BIOS is not loading. I suspect that something is wrong with the motherboard. Can anyone tell me how I can test the motherboard and what tests I should conduct?
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  1. Your laptop is most likely experiencing the common ,yet unacknowledged problem that many tx1000z users are experiencing. HP refuses to acknowledge this problem even though sites like hplies.com have documented hundreds of the exact same problems.

    I too have a dead laptop and HP will not fix this problem. A different line of laptops (dv series I believe) have the EXACT same problems and were recalled. But no, HP won't acknowledge the exact same problem on a different line of laptops.

    My advice to you is do some research on Google. Just type in tx1000z and you should see the search results that many people are searching for the same thing.
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