Will this help fps on cod4

Curently i have A

AMD 64 3700+ 2.2ghz 1mb l2
2 x 512mb ddr 266mhz cas 5+

Upgrade to
Amd 64 x2 5600+ 2.9ghz 2 x 512kb l2
2 x 1gb DDR2 800mhz cas 4

Parts that will not be changing, 40gb 7200rpm harddrive, xfx 7900 gs 525mhz core 1.525 mhz memory
7.1 sound card sata dvd burner

will i see a good jump in fps on cod4 by making these upgrades or should i get a better video card instead like a 9800 gtx

Cost will be under 120$ for ram mobo and cpu, got them with a deal on newegg.
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  1. tough to say - i start with the video card and ram, check the cpu and see if it maxed

    use your task manager to track your cpu and memory usuage.

    good luck!
  2. what screen resolution will you be running the game at?

    I think you will see some improvement with the dual-core and ram upgrade. That 266 ram is too slow for that old cpu if it really is an Athlon64, should have 400. Your new ram is slated to be ddr2-800 which means new motherboard right?
  3. You should see some bump in speed, not sure how much. Your moving from a single core @2.2GHz to a dual at 2.9GHz. This will certainly help, though it might not be as much as you'd think. All your doing is shifting your bottleneck from your CPU and memory to the GPU. This is not a bad thing, as you can't eliminate bottlenecks entirely. I say stick with the upgrade you have now, and upgrade the GPU next when you get the funds again. You'd be dumb to upgrade the GPU now, as you only have a single core CPU. (and one gig of slow ram.)
  4. okay, and ya will be getting a new mobo am2/am2+ can use both but dont see need for a triple or quad core in future. thank you all for imput.

    i play at 1280x1024 with a custom config, i can pull 70-125fps on most maps but overgrown, backlot i only pull 40-60. custom config makes game look like med/hi but gives alot of fps by turning off stuff that is not needed, so i ordered what i said, and hopefully i dont get random fps lag like i do.
  5. This could fix the lag, depending on whats causing it. If the lag is caused by your single core CPU having to do something else, then the dual core should stop it. If the lag is caused by your memory usage going to high, the extra gig will help. (might not prevent, but it should help.) Many 7900GS cards were 256MB only, so if the lag is caused by your GPU ram filling up, this won't do anything. As I mentioned, its a good start, so do it if you can. Get your video card next, then upgrade to 4GBs.
  6. Video card and ram. pc3200
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