help please computer freezing

Well ive had my computer for about 3 months and have to deal with constant freezing issues. ive had blue screen errors a few times but that isnt a real big deal it is when my computer freezes and keeps repeating a noise when ever i'm in a game. I am then forced to restart my computer because i can't do anything my computer is also runs very cool so i dont think anything is overheating. here are my specs

ghx card-radeon 4870

memory- 4 gigs of corsair ddr 1333 mhz(1333 is what i order ran at 1066 overclocked it back to 1333 all timings and volts are righ)

harddrive- 500 GB seagate

cpu- intel quad core 2.66 ghz

motherboard- evga 790i ultra

psu- ultra x3 1000 watt
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  1. please can some one help?
  2. helllllllllp
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