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Have a windows 2003 server with 5 36GB drives. 36GB is currently unavailable and we're wondering if 72GB will work? Does it use the whole drive, or does it carve out 36GB on the rebuild and leave 36GB for something else?

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  1. when you say you have 5 x 36GB drives, do you mean that they are in a raid array? If so, are they raid 5?

    not sure what you mean "wondering if 72gb will work" - for what?
  2. Yes, that's correct. It is a dell server with 5 x 36GB PERC SCSI drives set to RAID 5.
  3. OK, that's a little progress.

    What do you mean by "36GB is unavailable" - is 1 drive in the array degraded? Something else?

    Will 72GB work for what - something related to a rebuild? If you can explain a little more what you are trying to do, I'll try to help.
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