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Hey I have a ati 5970 and I am liquid cooling it and right now I have a stable overclock at 950 MHz 1.2 volts core and 1150 MHz 1.15 volts memory.

I have ran benchmarks just fine at 975 MHz 1.225 volts core and 1200 MHz 1.15 volts memory, but if I use these settings for game play my games eventually freeze.

My gpu temps get up around 57 degrees celcius max after many hours of game play so gpu temps are fine because stock settings with stock fan temps were around 88 degrees celcius.

The problem is my voltage regulators get up to 104c max after many hours of game play and from what i read the card will down clock if your voltage regulators go pass 120c. It is a safety feature programed on the card to protect it. So I am with in the limits of temps still though.

What i am wondering is if my power supply is holding back my card from overclocking even more
I have a 1000watt ultra x3 with 70 amps on a single +12v rail. Is that not enough to get more out of the card or is that plenty or should I look in to get a bigger power supply? I found a ultra x4 1600watt power supply, but you only get the full 1600watts if you plug into a 20 amp plug, but it is rated at 117amps on a single rail.

Is there a way to test to see if my power supply is the cause of not getting higher stable clocks?
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  1. 1000watt power supply should be plenty. way more than plenty.
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