First Time Building a PC and stuff.. need help =]

I'm building a PC for the first time. I've read sum threads and guides on how to build a PC but i'm not sure how to like do that fancy first booting up stuff. What i mean is the first time u boot up. Theres the BIOS. which i would have no idea how to use. So mainly i need help doing the after building part.

I only have a rough idea on how to do the after part, or completly wrong. =( lol.


Step 1. Set up BIOS <--- hope thats right lol... <--- and how do u step up BIOS =]

Step 2. - Reboot? <--- and install OS lol..

Step 3. Windows should have been installed and know i just install drivers and stuff?

Step 4. Install teh gameszzzz. AND PWN SUM <--- n00bsS?!!!! wooo lol..

Many Thanks =]
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  1. pc gamer puts out an edition called pc builders bible, do a pretty good job of explaining eveerything. let me know if you cant get a hold of a backcopy and ill scan some pages for ya
  2. nowadays, theres nothing much to do in the bios...unless you are tweaking and OCing.

    insert OS dvd, boot, follow instructions, install drivers, update OS, install apps,...
  3. Yeah, about the only thing you really have to do in the BIOS these days is maybe set the time and date, check your boot order, (DVD/CD first, then HDD second is about all that is important) usually everything is already set to auto detect, and your PC should boot fine if you put everything together correctly. Load the OS, the drivers for all your hardware, and you are good to go.
  4. Thanks Guys.

    I've got a very good idea on what to do know.

    Just Put time and date on bios and change the boot order.

    Save and reset BIOS.

    Pop in teh OS and then bam! installment complete. Then all i have to do is install drivers, and yea i'm good to play sum games?! lol... hope thats all i need to know =]

    and thanks again guys for the help.
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