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I have a Firewire Lacie Back up Drive that I need to format for my Windows XP. However, Windows XP does not show that it is hooked to the PC under COMPUTER. When I look at hardware in the utilities, it does show there, but can't access it? Can someone help me with this. Directions on connecting it, then how to wipe it clean and then WHAT CAN I BACK UP off the Windows XP. My plans are to WIPE the XP PC clean and re-load all? Can I back up PROGRAMS as well DATA? Help! Thanks in advance!
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  1. LaCie? Firewire? I smell Apple.

    If the thing has been formatted for Mac OS it may not be recognised by a PC.

    I would check with LaCie and see what they recommend.
  2. Yes, it was on my Mac and want to use for my PC.
  3. Best advice I can give is that if the format is Fat32 it will be readable on both Mac and PC. See if your Apple allows you to format it to Fat32.
  4. I've re-formated the drive and now able to use for Windows backup. Thanks!
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